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17. July 2012

use firefox with deepamehta to take notes on the web

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At the beginning I wanted to point out to you the latest favorite bookmarking service of mine, well not exactly, i mean, their communications video, it is on the front page of They talk about their platform as useful for “cultivating your interests” and so on and so forth but the video is really well made and worth watching for any deepamehta friend. Its not that i am using this service, and they seem to not have developed that much in the recent months, they don`t have an API yet, plus it`s a flash based software, but still I find their video a good example of communicating the use of visually networked information for the tasks of collectingorganizing and sharing our personal information.

Deutschsprachige Informationen zur DeepaMehta Firefox Erweiterung finden sie auf der Firefox Plugin Application-Seite unter

But here we go, this is about a tiny firefox extension for deepamehta users (windows | ubuntu) which was just updated to be compatible with the latest version of both tools. For me it simplifies extracting and keeping track of messages peoples and robots put on web pages.

Despite I am still searching for a proper name for this extension, because the current back of the napkin “lookmarker” analogy does not really carry far in sight of this tool. But here is the first description taken from the extensions dedicated project page, for which i have to thank jri because he pointed me to the following resource of david karger, which emphasizes the necessity for new user interfaces to let users actually start to cope with “powerful back-end technologies” alike RDF for example):

Lookmarker (a web browser plugin) let users extract individual structured items from web pages as they browse, and store and annotate them in a shared repository for access by others.

For whom this extension might be interesting?

This Firefox Extension is developed to be a research and bookmarking utility for a knowledge worker who uses DeepaMehta 4 and Mozilla Firefox Webbrowser at the same time.

What`s the purpose of this extension?

It allows to store a noteworthy text passages one finds on a webpage in the www, as a “Note” associated with a “Web Resource” in a DeepaMehta Installation. Furthermore it makes all “Web Resources” of one DeepaMehta Installation accessible in the Mozilla Firefox Webbrowser Toolbar.

You can install the extension in your firefox through downloading the .xpi-Archive directly via this link. On the project page there is an english installation description, while you also find a german installation description if you prefer. I am very happy for any remark on this tool and its usage description, as well i am happy for any comment left here mentioning its usefulness for your personal work.

For further studying, sharing and modifying and thus contributing to the stability and functionality of this firefox extension, the complete source code of this tiny extension is published on

By the way, do you use Well at least the software makers over there use nice words like quoting for of pointing you to “simplify the process of extracting and keeping track of message peoples and robots say and publish on their web pages”. I can`t quote myself, but maybe you want to quote someone with “naming is hard”, isn`t it?

In collaboration we may change the result set of the following direct link to the say about this very article:

And like always, now I`m gonna leave you alone with this.

Update: New Version is now “” (direct link to installable file on github).


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  1. Thanks to valueable testing, reporting and valueable feedback regarding the wording by jri, here is a much more stable and concise re-release of the plugin, RC5. And it`s now named “DeepaMehta 4 Notetaker”. You can download the latest version from, here is the direct download link.

    Hope it works well for you too!

    Comment by malte — 16. August 2012 @ 1:13 PM

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