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19. February 2011

on the edge

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Tell me why I <3 unlabelled undirected links so hard!?


I stumbled upon the graphic via mikel‘s twitter stream. Also i stumpled recently upon some rdf-backend design documents by the open knowledge foundation which might be of interest for some of you as well as a “cloud based” triple store hosting service.

Logo von'nem netten Schuppen auf der KaLi in Leipzig

A photo i shot after leaving the TMRA 2010 in Leipzig, which i perceived as probably the top-down conference for the European semantic web community. When it came to talk about visualizing information we heard a kind of interesting talk by Gerik Scheuermann but this talk was completely from a mathematical point of view and had nothing to do with presenting concepts meaningful to various human beings, a.k.a. very different user groups. I still like topic maps though, even if i now know you have to make at least 5 statements for expressing a relation between two items. But isn’t she cute!?

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